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Meet Shayna

I'm a born and raised Southern Californian living in North Georgia. I'm a Fur mom to five (yes you read that right) of THE most adorable kitties you will ever lay your eyes on. No i'm not biased or anything...

I love all animals, especially when you bring them on your sessions! I've been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old and a full fledged Vegan for over three years now. Before that scares you to death, the love of my life is a meat eater so don't think I'll preach the word of Vegan to you, unless of course you ask me haha! I'm a huge music lover and can jam to just about every genre you like! I am also quite the nerd and can talk hours and hours about comic books, sci-fi, cats, coffee, Game of Thrones and well anything Marvel related!

My husband and I have been in the photography game for over 7 years now and although it started with our love of cars it has expanded with our love of people and capturing their moments. Our wedding inspired me to take photos of other couples and ever since I fell in love with capturing love stories! We're a bit off beat and love to laugh. I married my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him be my partner with sharing your stories! I love that we have different perspectives on sessions which gives our clients more options on images and overall helps to make the wedding experience that much more special and comfortable having a male and female perspective. 

We aren't afraid to hike up mountainsides, drive hours to remote places or fly to far off lands for your big day! We're just so thrilled to be along for the ride! I'd love to connect with you and hear more about your journey and future adventures!

Meet Ryan



Like Shayna, I was raised in the High Desert of Southern California and was antsy to work my way "down the hill" towards my future wife's stomping ground after high school (she must have activated the cat magnet). Through some sort of odd domino effect I met her along with her pride and joy, Simba who became best friends with my fur baby Tigger. I was surrounded by photography earlier in life as my dad and sisters were aficionados. I loved cars (real and die cast) as a kid and my passion for photography didn't flourish until 2011 when I bought my dream car, the Nissan GT-R. Instagram was exploding, I had a handful of photography apps on my iPhone. I finally moved on to a real camera after experimenting and learning quite a lot about camera settings with the iPhone for a year. Shayna eventually got tired of "only" being the expert photobomber, she started playing around with the camera as well. Over the last seven years I've had a blast implementing my learnings/experimentation with car photography into some of Shayna's world with weddings/ family/ portraits and be apart memorable experiences along with our clients. I enjoy trying to capture as much as possible in camera with practical effects (fire, water, LED, strobes, fireworks, smoke) to get as much drama in frame as possible. I'm just waiting for the day to come when a client asks for C02 cannons to be implemented in their special day!


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