5 Years Together | Wedding Anniversary | Ryan & Shayna

Well guys, you read that title right! 5 years have passed since Ryan and I said our “I Do’s”. It’s official we’re no longer newlyweds, not that we hadn’t figured that out already but we can’t fake it anymore! It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago today (as I write this) I was lying awake in bed urging myself to fall asleep so I could be fresh faced for my wedding day, a day I never thought would come for me. Honestly, I still think Ryan is little crazy for marrying me haha! I funny enough never wanted to be married. I just didn’t think it was meant for me and was happy with my cat. Then I met Ryan and well as they say, you meet “the one” and they turn your world upside down. Quite frankly I think my world needed to be turned upside down. So now as a “not so newlywed/still kinda a newlywed” I wanted to look back at our wedding day and share some of our most memorable moments with you guys! Big thank you to Palos Studio for shooting our wedding photos! You guys were (and still are!) so amazing!

I always tell my couples, especially the ones who are nervous that things won’t go right or all the hard work they’ve done planning won’t come out as they’ve envisioned that the most important thing about their wedding day is that they get to marry their best friend, their soulmate, the person they get to grow old with! 5 years from my wedding I don’t even remember the color of napkins on the table or the table cloths or why we chose the ties for the guys (yep I was the only girl in the wedding party!). The most important part of this day was standing in front of my family and friends and telling Ryan my promises for our future as I took his last name. *cue the AWWWWW’s* But in all truth, that’s what mattered the most. I do however remember breaking my toe an hour before our ceremony……that’s a story for another time haha!

To mí Amore de my vida, Happy Anniversary! Here’s to another 5, 10, 15 years of cats, cars, lots of coffee and even more adventures with my best friend!

Kitten's First Birthday | Drogon & Dracarys | Uprising Family

Well it's happened. Another year has flown by and my babies have grown up! I can't believe that a year ago I came home sat on my bed to email one of my brides their wedding day timeline when Waffles jumped up on the bed, sat down next to me and started having contractions! (Jasmine if you're reading this thank you for being so patient while we welcomed our new additions!) I had already been in a panic two weeks prior thinking that everyday was THE day and on the one day I was basically over the anxiety, she went into labor. Being the cat lady that I am I had been through several births before but this one was something quite special. Not only did I have an amazing connection with her from the moment we laid eyes on each other but when she laid down to give birth she made sure I was right next to her and she laid down on my hand staring up at me as she was pushing. It was as if I was her midwife, or kitten midwife IDK! But regardless it was one of the most special moments in my life having her look into my eyes for comfort as she was giving birth to two beautiful babies. Now some of you may be thinking that I am a crazy person, which you're not wrong but it is hands down one of the most special moments and i'm so thankful that Waffles chose me to be her human! No offense Ryan.

With a year behind us they've grown so much and their personalities are SO different from each other but they both have very similar characteristics of their parents which is so fun to see! I'm so happy to have been able to keep the family together despite being out numbered by cats and cleaning up after them each day, it's so worth having all the flat faced, fuzzy weirdos we get to share our lives with!

We attempted to get them to wear party hats but lets just say they were not having it! Kids What are ya gunna do?!