Merry Christmas | Uprising at Home | 2016

Well it's happened, the holidays have snuck up to us once again! We're all decorated at home and ready for the festivities with Family. This is our first Christmas in our Georgia home and I wanted to make sure that we were truly feeling the holidays. We introduced the kids to Christmas ornaments since last year we were still packed up and house hunting during Christmas, and so far (Fingers crossed!!) we haven't had any break! I have lets just say...a couple of trees and they all have a bit of a theme going to them. I didn't put all of the ornaments up just in case any of the trees fell over, if you're curious about what I'm referring too, please youtube christmas with a cat, I promise you will not be disappointed. I thought I would share some of our decor and my favorite ornaments. 


I love our dinning room when the sun comes through our windows, especially with all the glittery centerpieces we have reflecting light everywhere. This tree is more of the formal tree so there isn't a ton of sentimental ornaments on it. 

Our front room is still in the works but I do love this tree. It's filled with our fun character ornaments from when we were kids. 

My family loved the looney tunes growing up. My brother used to collect all of the tazmanian devil ornaments and I used to love Tweety bird. This ornament was my favorite. Mostly because of the heart shape and Sylvester as a stuffed toy. I thought it was the cutest, and still do. 

I always have one tree for christmas cards. I hate to see them tossed on a counter and would rather them be displayed as decor instead. 

I couldn't help but show how cute Waffles was being while I snapped pictures of the trees! This next tree is our biggest and by far the more family and sentimental tree. It has all of our family ornaments. My favorite ornament is the first ornament Ryan ever gave to me. He surprised me on my lunch break with it the first year we were dating. It was by far the sweetest gift he's ever gave me and each year I always look for it as the first ornament on the tree. 

We don't do a ton of decorations outside but this wreath that my friends made for me is one of my absolute favorites! It's a cat snowman! He's got a tail!!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Thank you to all of our friends and family for your continued support and for being there for us throughout these past years. We can't wait to share more of our adventures in the coming year!