Adventures with Ryan & Shayna | Baby Kitten | Luna

We've been very lucky to have some odd, beautiful and extremely loving cats in our lives. Many of you may not know that our fluffy guy, Nizmo has some spinal injuries and has trouble getting around at times. In fact he used to be so bad that he would walk a few steps and then fall over or fall back on his butt. He's come quite a long way and can at times hustle up our stairs quicker than me! we're still working on getting him as strong and healthy as we can but know that he was having hard time with his little sister, Waffles. She always wanted to chase him and play fight but he couldn't keep up with her energy and ultimately started to ignore her. So we knew that we had to get Waffles a buddy to play with. Enter Luna!

We adopted her from the same family that we adopted Waffles from. She is a silver exotic shorthaired Persian. Clearly we love the squishy faced kitties.  It took a few weeks but once they all got used to seeing each other around the house they quickly became friends! Here's our first images of Luna at home.