10 Years Together | A Personal Post | Ryan & Shayna

10 years....

A decade. 

It's hard to imagine that 10 years has come. When I first met Ryan I was 19 years old (boy do I feel old!). In less than three months of dating Ryan I think I smiled more than I ever did my entire life. Everyday I woke up I was excited to see him, text him, talk to him over the phone (yes we actually did that way back then). Heck anything that involved Ryan made me happy.  Why I was so happy is because Ryan was real, funny and genuinely cared about me. Something I hadn't really felt from a human being in a long time, let alone someone who was interested in getting to know me. I vividly remember the night that I started to really have feelings for him, I mean REALLY feel things. We were on our third date, he took me to dinner and then we went back to his apartment to watch TV, wrestling to be exact......We've never watched wrestling ever since funny enough. I remember looking over at him and just gut wrenchingly grinning, it was like all I saw was him, no one else could compare to this guy, he was it. He was everything. Yep on our third date. (we hadn't even had a first kiss yet!) I think I remember Ryan looking at me like I was crazy and saying "WHAT?!!" a thousand times trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Fast forward to many cats and cars later, getting married and moving to the other side of the country it's been quite an adventure sharing our lives together. And I couldn't imagine anyone else to share my life with.  Happy Anniversary Ryan!

Nikki & Mitchell | One Year Anniversary | Claremont, CA

While back home in Southern California for a wedding we were able to get a special one year Anniversary Session in for Nikki & Mitchell! We've been lucky enough to photograph some very important milestones of theirs! Thankfully we were able to get together for their One Year Anniversary! Each time we get together with these two it's not only so much fun to catch up with them, but it's so sweet to see how much they adore each other. It's apparent through their session that they are absolutely in love with one another, and it's just so sweet to be around! Can't wait to photograph them as they grow together. Oh and did I mention how adorable their Fur Baby Bongo is? such a ham!