Halloween with the Uprising Family | 2016 Georgia

Happy National Cat day & Caturday! It's only fitting that today not only are you surrounded by adorable cat pictures, cat memes and cat halloween costumes (BTW this is life for me everyday! I know you're jealous and that's ok!) Today I wanted to share our family pumpkin carving adventure! It's been sometime since Ryan and I have carved pumpkins together and this year I really wanted to make it happen! After all as a family of four we should try and make some traditions right? I had Ryan choose our pictures to carve and asked the kids to choose their favorite. Also, because I'm a bit of a sentimental weirdo I wanted to roast pumpkin seeds. My mom would always clean the gunk from the pumpkins while we were scraping and carving them so we could have fresh baked pumpkin seeds. I was a chubby kid so this was probably my favorite part of carving pumpkins! Luckily for the chubby kid inside of me Ryan does not partake in the pumpkin seed feast so they're all mine!!!! Here is how our night went! 

PSA. No cats were harmed in the carving session and we are in NO WAY pumpkin carving experts! 

Clearly Nizmo was so excited about the pumpkin carving he had no choice but to scowl the entire time! Also I added a lot of black and white to enhance the spooky mood! 

Ryan was very excited to try his pumpkin carving saw, so much that he barely used it.....

I asked Nizmo and Waffles to choose their favorite, Lucky Cat or Godzilla. I really think Nizmo couldn't have cared less and Waffles was more excited to be allowed outside than choosing a pumpkin. 

I think they liked Ryan's more than mine then again no one will ever truly know what Nizmo is thinking.... Ok onto the Pumpkin seeds! Now I am in NO WAY a cook, or a good cook at that! Ryan knew from the get go that I am very great at ordering haha! But here is my lazy girl's guide to baking pumpkin seeds!

Soak your pumpkin seed goo In warm water, because why not?

Remove Goo and transfer onto a baking sheet. 

Sprinkle seeds with Sea salt. Or in my case dowse them!

Bake them for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, flip them halfway through baking time to ensure fully cooked through. 

When they are golden brown take those suckers out and start munching!

I hope you all have a very safe and fun holiday! I'd love to know what your family traditions are for Halloween! and I can't wait to share more going into the  holiday season!