Southern California Wedding Photographers

Ben & Maggie | Engagement Session | Venice Beach, CA

While back home in Southern California for a wedding we were able to squeeze in sometime with Ben & Maggie to do their engagement session, and I am so glad we did! These two are so sweet and we had so much fun exploring Venice with them! I actually learned quite a bit about the city and feel bad that in all my years growing up I never ventured out and explored there more. But luckily we got the insiders view of the city and had an amazing time! 

Can we take a moment of silence for the amount of photoshopping that was required to "shut down" traffic at the Venice sign? ;) 

Adventures with Ryan & Shayna | Third Wedding Anniversary

Hi There! Just wanted to share a short and quick little blog about someplace very special to me! You may be asking yourself, "WHY is she shooting in Claremont again!?" well, for one, Claremont is a beautiful city! and two, It also happens to be the city we were married in! Usually for our wedding anniversary, and I say usually loosely since we haven't had a ton of wedding anniversaries, we like to travel somewhere new and go on some type of adventure. Our first anniversary we went to Seattle, and let me tell you I fell deeply in love with that city! seriously, if I ask Ryan to move there one more time he may divorce me haha. On our second anniversary we went to New Orleans, I had always wanted to travel there and loved seeing such a historical place! Well here we are to anniversary number three! man that flew by! This year we flew back home for weddings, families, engagements and cars of course. We were able to sneak away for a little bit and go back to our wedding venue. It really is such a magical place, not just because we were married there, but this time of year with a little wind in the olive trees and a slight crisp to the air it's absolutely breathtaking and I think I said several times, "I want another wedding!" Anyways enough gushing! Here is a few pictures that we took together.