Spanish Moss

Adventures with Ryan & Shayna | Savannah, Ga

Well hello there! It's been sometime since I've shared our adventures! Not to mention with the new site I've unfortunately lost the blog posts to the old adventures series :( As you may know, Ryan and I moved to North Georgia last year (It's almost an entire year in Georgia!! I can't believe it!!) Although we've done some exploring of Downtown Atlanta we really haven't explored the rest of this beautiful state. So on our Dating anniversary, Yes we still celebrate it! We decided it was the perfect excuse for us to take a trip down to Savannah, Ga! Now, many of you may not know this but I am a HUGE Forrest Gump Fan! It was just one of those movies that I grew up with that I can remember my family watching over and over again. Needless to say I love to visit Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. just for the random quizzing of the movie and the cute shrimp souvenirs! Anyways the point is that the majority of the scenes where Forrest is living/talking on the Iconic bench was filmed in Downtown Savannah! So naturally I set out to find said spots! Here is a little peak into our adventure!

We started our trip in the heart of downtown on Riverstreet. This is basically THE spot to visit. There were tons of shops, restaurants and the streets were all the original cobblestones! *pretty to look at, not so pretty on the feet!* Here is a look at the pavement and some of the original architecture!

This was me asking Ryan to "Do something fun! don't just stand there!" So he channeled his inner Vanna White......Oye

Once we made it down the treacherous stairs and walkways we were quickly greeted by the sweet sweet smell of River Street Candy! After the 4 hour drive we were starving so needless to say we spent way too much money on chocolate!

We bought chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate caramel pecan apple and something called a gopher! I'm still not sure what was in that gopher but it was heaven!

After the sugar coma we thought it would be best to walk off as much of the calories as we possibly could! This is where I discovered my obsession with Spanish Moss!

We ended the evening with dinner at the Olde Pink House. It's a really neat old house with a lot of haunted history and beautiful architecture.

The next day we took a trip to Tybee Island, it's a huge vacation spot! There were a ton of people in the water, and rightfully so considering the 98% Humidity and almost 100 degree weather! I really don't know why I even bothered to do hair and makeup! BTW Ryan loves his bright shirts, in case you didn't notice. So bright that they reflect onto both of our faces! 

It was a lot of fun exploring the small Island! Not to mention I can officially say that I've put my feet into the Atlantic Ocean! Not sure why I got so excited to touch a different ocean but hey, when in Rome right? There was also a small ceremony site right on the more private side of the island! so cute! I miss beach weddings! 

After lunch we decided to find the "Cat people" area of the beach, which we found....but the cats must have all been on a nap break. So instead we took pictures with their alligator friend....don't ask!

We then made it over to the Wormsloe plantation, which we mainly went to for the mile long driveway. Yes the driveway! It was gorgeous! and full of Spanish Moss!  

I could have stayed there all day taking pictures of that driveway and Spanish moss! Savannah was a really fun and HOT place to visit. I'm so glad we experienced the history and sort of sad that the majority of the Forrest Gump stuff was taken away after filming! Hence, no pictures of the actual spots. BUT all in all it was a great trip and definitely an adventure i'm glad we took!