About Us

We are newlywed’s, animal lovers, fast car drivers and lovers of all things music. Our love for being creative and driving fast cars inspired our love for photography, our wedding day inspired our love for love and we’ve been photographing other people’s love ever since! (that was a lot of love in one sentence!). Born and raised in Southern California, we just recently moved to Northern Georgia. We’re excited to meet new people and explore the south and of course we are always available to travel!

Our Family

We have two adorable fur babies! Nizmo and Waffles. You will often see them on our Instagram feed and no, we have no shame in sharing our love for our fur babies!


Fun Facts about Us



  • I love Dr. Pepper
  • I have a fascination with Lasers
  • I'm born one day after Christmas
  • I'm a complete meat eater
  • In-n-Out is life
  • I love coffee!
  • I drive a manual car
  • I'm born 4 days after Christmas
  • I'm a vegan
  • I was/am a choir nerd
  • I love braiding hair

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